Monday, September 11, 2017

Happy Birthday, Darling Girl


Lucy is two and exploding with spunk. We are all in love with her.

Lucy loves to read, a few books in particular. She currently ADORES "Where is my Cat?" by Eric Carle, and has had longstanding affection for Duck and Goose, Goodnight Moon, Doggies, and Global Baby Girls. She is very ready and willing to dance along to "The Duck and Goose Dance" and "Barnyard Dance." 

She mostly has her colors, except when she confidently assigns the wrong one randomly and absolutely refuses all suggestions otherwise. She still seems attached to "one" and "two" as her main numbers, and we've enjoyed her use of "two" to mean "More than that!" all year long. As in "Would you like a jelly bean?" "TWO!" 

Lucy can pretty much say anything and everything. The other day she said "actually, no" on the stairs, then changed it to "actually, yes." She was very taken with her use of "actually." 

She is very loving, and wants to do lots of special hugs at goodbye and goodnight times. She was so thrilled when Nate woke up the other day (she had been up for an hour) and ran into his room, aglow, and yelled "HAPPY!" Sometimes when she is upset she throws something or bumps someone, and if anyone gets hurt she will carefully repeat "sorry" over and over until one of us comforts her that everything is OK now. 

Lucy loves to eat olives, pickles, gummies, smoothie popsicles, ice cream, and salami. She likes to dip her pizza in balsamic vinaigrette (and drink it if no one is watching) and dip pretty much everything in ketchup. 

Lucy is learning to sing, and often joins in with me on the last words of lines of songs she knows. She prefers "I've Been Working on the Railroad" at bedtime, and will request it immediately if I start singing something else. She also really likes "Itsy Bitsy Spider" (her rendition is SO cute) and "Patty Cake." She still likes to dance, though the era of constant beautiful free dancing by the refrigerator has closed. (Sniff). 

Lucy loves to swim in her bath and to talk about going to the pool. The other day she laid down in the cool September water at Cowan's Gap and immediately called "HELP!" She is brave in new situations. I was surprised that she wanted to get in the shower and walk right under the waterfall, but I probably shouldn't have been. She can climb up on her dresser, the kitchen stools, and first scaled her way to Nate's top bunk at about 19 months. 

Lucy's favorite past time might just be playing in the car, though she also loves hanging on her rings (now she can spin too), swinging on her belly, dressing up as Spiderman, tasting play doh, driving in the jeep with Nate, riding in her wagon, playing in the sand box, and going out for ice cream. "IIIICCCCEE CCCREEEEAAAAM!" "Lazy Moose!" "Mikey's!" 

Lucy is amazing. We love her SO so so so so so so much. 

Every blessing upon you my darling. 

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